Gina M. Emens

The Law Office of Martin A. Spigner, PC, like any other law practice, does not run smoothly or efficiently, without the help and assistance of an excellent support staff.  In addition to the excellent support of SpignerLaw’s Of Counsel attorneys, the practice employs a fulltime Paralegal.  Gina Emens has been with the Law Office of Martin A. Spigner, PC since 2004.  Ms. Emens received her Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies from Middlesex County Community College in 1999 and worked in the litigation support area prior to joining the law practice.

Ms. Emens provides invaluable support to the law practice and specializes in all aspects of the real estate, estate planning and estate administration areas where she is often the lead person for real estate transactions and estate administration.  Ms. Emens handles all aspects of the real estate transaction from attorney review to home inspection report review to preparation of the closing statements.  For estate administration, Ms. Emens handles initial preparation of various IRS notices and forms, including the initial preparation of required estate and inheritance tax returns.  Ms. Emens also handles the re-titling and transfer of assets such as stocks and bonds, to the various beneficiaries. She also lends substantial support with respect to the pressure-filled period of “tax season” when Tax Preparation of businesses and individuals is at a peak including working on client accounting books.