Estate planning is a stressful process with very high stakes. A number of pressing matters must be settled during this time, including healthcare provisions in the event of future mental and/or physical disability, as well as inheritance arrangements. These and other concerns are given the attention and care they deserve at the Law Office of Martin A. Spigner, PC, a Cranbury law firm that has achieved a wonderful reputation due to its adept handling of estate planning and elder law matters.

Martin A. Spigner: A Knowledgeable Estate Planning Attorney

Martin A. Spigner is known for his impressive understanding of all facets of estate planning and elder law. Every year, he is asked to speak at the annual NJ Continuing Legal Education Seminar, the Nuts and Bolts of Elder Law and Estate Administration. His legal knowledge also includes an excellent grasp of tax law, which originally was his primary practice area. After attending the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law and receiving his Juris Doctor, Martin Spigner focused on tax law at Villanova University, where he later obtained his Master of Laws.

Taxation is a prevalent concern among those currently settling their estates. As such, Martin Spigner’s tax-focused estate planning services are greatly appreciated among clients concerned about potential tax issues.

Estate Planning Services at the Law Office of Martin A. Spigner, PC

The Law Office of Martin A. Spigner, PC has an extensive background in estate tax planning, and is thus able to offer a vast array of estate planning services. Preparation services are available for wills, living wills, powers of attorney, revocable and irrevocable trusts and other more sophisticated estate planning vehiles.

The Law Offices of Martin A. Spigner: Estate Planning with an Emphasis on Taxation

Martin A. Spigner possesses a thorough understanding of not only estate planning, but also tax and real estate law. He combines his in-depth knowledge of all three practice areas to great effect, always offering insight into the long-term tax consequences of various estate arrangements. His integration of estate planning and tax law proves especially useful for clients hoping to minimize the potential tax burdens associated with inheritance.

If you would like to work with a knowledgeable attorney with an impressive background in estate planning and tax law, consider reaching out to the Law Office of Martin A. Spigner, PC. There, you will enjoy access to high-quality legal counsel and representation from a respected lawyer who truly cares about the future of you and your loved ones.