Whether you conduct business in New Jersey or any other state, taxes are one of your biggest challenges. Without the proper structures and protections in place, you may end up spending too much of your hard-earned money paying the tax bill at the end of the year. To avoid this, not only do you need to have a thorough understanding of tax law, but you also need to keep careful records and ensure that you submit your taxes properly. A tax services lawyer can help.

Individuals can also benefit from the services of a tax lawyer, as they prepare and submit taxes and work to keep everything properly in line with the law. The Law Office of Martin A. Spigner, PC, is ready to help with experienced taxation services for both individuals and businesses who need a little extra support.

Experience in All Areas of Tax Law for Businesses

For over 35 years, the Law Office of Martin A. Spigner, PC, has been helping businesses with all aspects of tax planning and preparation as well as providing a full range of accounting services for businesses.  The full-service approach of providing accounting, tax and business planning and tax preparation services to businesses affords the business owner one-stop service.

The firm gives comprehensive service and planning in entity taxation issues, supporting corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and trusts, as these entities work to protect their assets from undue taxation and at the same time submit accurate tax returns to avoid audits. Because the firm also offers business formation and planning services, businesses are able to structure themselves in the most tax-friendly way with the firm’s help. The firm will provide audit support when necessary.  Visit our Blog page to read about the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 law signed by President Trump on December 22, 2017 which affects all of us for tax years beginning January 1, 2018.

Support for Tax Concerns for Individuals

Business owners are not the only ones who can face tax law questions and concerns.  Individuals as well face complicated tax issues and have complications in their tax returns or simple tax questions that a lawyer can answer.  Many have issues regarding tax liens and levies, installment plans to pay off prior year taxes or other issues regarding the many facets of federal and state tax law.

In addition to helping businesses, the Law Office of Martin A. Spigner supports the needs of individuals with tax questions and concerns. From tax preparation help to audit support, individuals facing concerns and questions with the IRS can benefit from partnering with an experience tax lawyer, such as attorney Martin A. Spigner.

Comprehensive Tax Preparation and Support

In addition to providing the services of an experienced tax attorney, the Law Office of Martin A. Spigner has an accountant on staff to help with tax preparation in addition to tax law help. This means you can come to the law firm for all of your tax concerns, from establishing the right tax structure for your business to preparing and filing a tax return for your business and family.

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